Benefits of Software-Defined WAN – Cloud WAN Technology Solutions

The technology solution that supports SD-WANs includes a software application service that take-charge in decisions regarding which network links to send traffic to anywhere in the network enterprise and more. Hence, the SD-WAN has become a network fundamental for organizations that want a flawless superior experience.

Leveraging Software-Defined WAN for Long Distance Ambulance Services

The marriage of Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology with long-distance ambulance services offers a range of benefits that are nothing short of transformative. Cloud WAN technology solutions, harnessed by SD-WAN, not only optimize network performance but also significantly enhance the quality of patient care during long-distance medical transportation. One of the primary advantages of this combination is the ability to ensure uninterrupted and secure connectivity, even in remote areas, which is crucial for medical professionals en route to the hospital. Moreover, SD-WAN enables the real-time transfer of vital patient data, facilitating better-informed decisions and immediate communication with healthcare facilities. Simultaneously, cloud-based WAN solutions enhance network agility and scalability, accommodating the ever-evolving needs of long-distance ambulance services. With these advanced technologies, the journey to the hospital becomes more efficient and reliable, ensuring that patients receive the timely care they deserve. The seamless integration of SD-WAN with long-distance ambulance services exemplifies the profound impact of innovative networking solutions in the realm of healthcare, creating a faster and more secure path to medical intervention when it is needed the most.

For over the past years, enterprises and service providers have been endlessly searching for methods to lower the cost of employing wide area networking connections, improving the overall performance of critical operational applications, and being able to adapt to the wide-spread of cloud computing applications. Thus, the SD-WANs are highly positioned to push through with the continuous growth of the fast-paced of the business operations flow, the huge and high demands of both the customers and the end-users, and the important needs of IT staff to do more with less.

So, as the business enterprises start to uncover the great possibilities of the SD-WAN technology, they need to fully understand that not all software-defined WAN solutions provide the same ultimate functionalities. Moreover, SD-WAN solutions should provide more comprehensive and better effective functionalities.

Therefore, SD-WAN solutions have primary offerings and benefits that all business enterprises will gain. Below is a list of benefits that you can get from SD-WAN technology solutions.

• Flexible Network Choices

All business types require having the flexibility to utilize whatever local area network links suitable to their needs that should be based on several factors listed below

 Availability
 Bandwidth
 Cost

With the comprehensive SD-WAN technology solutions, business or enterprise organizations are no longer restricted to expensive networking connection links and protocols such as MPLS, and dedicated circuits. You will be stunned with the freedom of embracing broadband internet without compromising reliability.

• Works With Any Wide Area Network or WAN Structural Design

Business enterprises require the freedom to select the wide area network or the WAN structural design that perfectly works best for their businesses, regardless of the WAN architecture they are involved with such as the ones mentioned below.

o On-premises Network
o Virtual Network
o Cloud Network

The WAN structural design could also include other networking architecture designs or a combination of the three mentioned above. An all-inclusive SD-WAN technology solution functions equally well throughout various network architectural designs.

Allow Delivery of Quality Applications Only

It is a given fact that all users only expect a flawless or top-class experience, regardless if it is a phone call or a video conference. Users only want smooth and meticulous operations on updating the sales forecast or processing data.

A comprehensive software-defined WAN not only increases the capacity of the network but also makes sure that only quality applications will be delivered through the network. With this, users will be happy, and IT staff has plenty of bandwidth in meeting the needs of application expansion.

• Keeps the Order in the Flow of Operation Despite Outages or Glitches

Unanticipated or unplanned outages or system glitches will occur no matter how well the network architects have planned or designed everything. However, with the comprehensive technological solutions of the SD-WAN, the application traffic will keep flowing throughout the other paths in the WAN even if an individual link experiences issues or problems. Hence, the workers remain productive, and IT will not spend their quality time operating in crisis mode to fix the problem.

• No Need to Spend Extravagantly for Network Links

Network links are overly expensive. Businesses and IT are forced to spend extravagantly just to maintain the fast and the quality of the service provided by these networking services. Although you no longer have to force in spending more money for network stability and efficiency because with the technological solutions that SD-WAN offers, you can already get broad-spectrum of the networking services. So now, you don’t have to overspend just to get an efficient network.

In addition, the secondary wide area network links that were used to be unused can now be utilized full time. Network architects can deploy the most cost-effective service for bandwidth that is available without the need to sacrifice system reliability.